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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Episode 3: The Robbery

The Robbery is written by Matt Goldman, who places the characters in situations where they are all doing something to move the plot forward, leading Jerry to find a new home.  Yep, there was an attempt to move out of the set we know and love.  

Ashford and Erin discuss 90s music, movies, and Seinfeld.  

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Episode 55: The Twin Dilemma


Yes, we are in the 6th Doctor Era!  Colin Baker time...and an opening story to boot!  Siskoid, of the Siskoid Blog of Geekery and the www.fireandwaterpodcast.com, joins us to discuss The Twin Dilemma.  

Ashford also discusses the Big Finish audio play, Gallifrey: Enemy Lines.  

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Episode 2: The Stake Out

Episode 2 of the Four Who Rule is back with the episode The Stake Out by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.  Erin and Ashford talk about the social etiquette of "Staking Out" a woman after meeting her and how it relates to when people stake folks out on social media.

And yes!  Julia Louis-Dreyfus joins the show for the 1st time in the 2nd episode as Elaine Benes.  The introduction of Jerry's parents are in this episode as well.

Erin and Ashford rated this episode a 2 out of 5 Superman shields.  2 may sound low, but again, our rating system is very strict.

Ashford's highlights of the show is the introduction of Art Vandelay and George being an architect is a pseudo job for a cover up.

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Episode 62: Red, Black, and Blue

Blue Beetle and Robin join the Birds of Prey this issue to assist with capturing the remaining criminals who not only escaped from prison, but was also Jokerized.  Yep, this is kind of the aftermath of the crossover event, Joker's Last Laugh.

And the other side of town, Oracle is trying to coach Dick Greyson, who is still ashamed of himself and brooding because he attempted to murder the Joker.

Mark and Ashford really enjoyed this one.  Guys, the Condiment King is in this one...and he is not playing around with the Birds and Gotham.



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Monday, October 9, 2017

Episode 54: Planet of Fire

Planet of Fire is the introduction of Peri Brown, played by Nicola Bryant.  Yes! And we have to say good-bye to Chameleon and Peter Davison.  Before I place a sad face down, I am quite sure Straight Outta Gallifrey will find a reason to do another 5th Doctor Story.  *wink*  And how could I forget..Turlough is returning to his beginnings, and leaving the TARDIS crew, but for good.

You may be thinking, "Thanks a lot.  You just spoiled it for me."  No worries; you still have to see the narrative and our take on this 5th Doctor Story.   

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Episode 53: The Five Doctors

We discussed the 50th Anniversary on our 50th episode of Doctor Who.  Then we moved into the future to go back and discuss the 20th.  How is that possible?  Because Doctor Who.

For this special occasion we have Ruth and Darrin of the RAD Network as well as Tim Wallace over at the Blue Beetle podcast, Beetlemania.  

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Episode 12: Batgirl Issue 7

Batgirl 7 is cool, calm, and busting through the seams at the end.  Wow!  Where is this series going next?  Well, I understand that we are doing a retroactive look at the book, and I could read ahead, but going issue by issue is quite fun.  Again, Damion Scott's art is really grabbing me.  

Batman feels like Cassandra is not ready to return to the field, but of course, Cass is too driven to not go out and stop wrong doing.  And you will never guess who she bumps into in the end?  Well, you might, but isn't this just exciting?

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