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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Episode 5: I Cover the Water Front

I Cover the Water Front is the Daughter of Cain's first solo mission as The Batgirl!  The artwork is beautiful, the story is serving, and the mantle is not only upheld, but lifted.  OK, I may have gone a little too far with the lifted comment.  Sorry Bab Lovers.  But indeed, there is some potential here for an interesting character.

The legend begins in this issue.  Yes, many will not be aware, for Gotham is marked a No Man's Land, so all of these heroics will not be captured on the news or social media.  However, among the ranks of the cowardly lot, many will know of the new Batgirl in town.  I pity the fool who underestimates Cass.

 Thrown straight into the pool, Cassandra Cain has no time for proper training.  Batman must trust his new recruit to protect one of the last remaining functional Corner Stores, which is rumored to have fuel.  This fuel is needed to keep a generator going for an infirmary in Gotham.  Resources and the lack thereof is a constant theme in this mega crossover event, No Man's Land. .  If you haven't done so, invest in these trades.  The storytelling still holds up.  

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Episode 51: Time and Time Again

Time and Time and Time Again is just that.  A topsy turvey, timey wimey, story.  Will Black Canary be able to return to the right time?  Join us as we talk about the conclusion of this 3 part story.  Penned by Chuck Dixon and penciled by Butch Guice, we are taking on a journey that is dealing with murderers, love, and time travel.  Birds of Prey 30 in full-effect.  

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 50: Black Bird Rise

Celebrate with us, for the 50th episode of Feathers and Foes are upon us.  The Benson sisters have reached the conclusion of the 3 part saga of Black Bird, the villain who can steal powers from other metahumans.  Will she take Black Canary's powers?  The Sonic Cry!  You don't want to miss this one.
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This is not a focal point of the story, but it's rather important.  If Gus is suffering from some type illness that is affecting his mental health, he has a right to keep it private; however, if his condition has the ability of positioning the Birds in danger out in the field, this is indeed a cause for concern.  This is a sensitive issue, and I am quite intrigued on how the Benson sisters tackle this issue.  Folks, we might be in a situation where we have only covered a thinly veiled surface.  Potentially, Gus might be an interesting character with layers and potential stories for the future.  Gus might be the beginning of cementing the Benson sisters' legacy, voice, and signature.

True to form, Huntress is always executed well  Her patience is limited when it comes to questioning Owen, which is quite endearing, for she cares for her friend, Black Canary.  Green Arrow, who makes an appearance in this one is not over bearing, and he's not projecting any of the unattractive qualities that otherwise turn people off.  In fact, he mentions that if Black Canary is under mind control, there is no way they can stop her.  He is not trying to save a defenseless Canary.  He just wants to know if she is OK.
Those of you who have listened to Feathers and Foes from our inception, you have noticed that Mark and Ashford take a lot of cheap shots at Nightwing, insinuating that he is some sort of sociopath.  We kid, Nightwing.  However, I thought it was a jerk move when he grabs Batgirl's grappling gun and takes her for a boost.  Hey Dick Greyson, Batgirl has top billing!  Don't you forget that.  In fact, Batgirl has the Batgirl book and Bat BOP.  Nightwing, you have a self-titled and another book where you are engulfed in an ensemble.  I'm just joking.  I love the art in the Titans book.  A LOT!    
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Monday, May 8, 2017

The Batgirl: Episode Zero

No Man's Land Ground Zero is an interesting tale of Bruce "Almighty" Wayne abandoning his city and drowning is his own self-pity while Gotham falls to lawlessness.  However, there are some good people that remained in Gotham after the cataclysm.  A handful of Gordon's bravest/finest stayed to fend their city.  Barbara Gordon, the Oracle, has chronicled the events of No Man's Land.  Such a human thing to do, writing down our history.  And one, Helena Bertinelli didn't abandon her hometown.  This tough Chica stayed in Gotham during its worst era to somehow ensure that Justice is upheld when the people can't do for themselves.

This book is a bit of an epic, really.  We see Bruce Wayne in Europe, trying to pick up the pieces of his purpose in life, while Helena is learning just how difficult it is when you are a lone Guardian of Gotham.

Helena decides that she has to be more than the Huntress to instill fear back into the criminals of Gotham.  I don't know if you have ever gone through a black out situation where its lasts more than 24 hours.  In Houston, I have faced a couple of those encounters, being that I am in a region of the United States where Hurricanes can be a factor.  One week without power feels like a year.  A month without power and law and order will feel like  3 generations where the oral traditions were skipped over.  No one is going to be afraid of the Huntress, and they darn near really could care less about a Bat symbol.  In fact, not only could they care less, they actually did care less than the moment before and the moment before that one as well.

I wasn't reading DC at the time of this publication.  I wonder for the folks who were reading the books  felt about someone else taking on the role of Batgirl.  I love legacy characters, so I have been thrilled, but I know how near and dear Babs is to a lot of folks.

After an incident with some street level punks in Gotham, in order to protect her identity, Helena sews her mouth shut.  Rather, she sews the cowl shut.  This is the genesis of the iconic Bat Suit that will be donned by Cassandra Cain in the future.  Pity, how the creators use Helena to advance the story of Cass.

Yes, we at the Batgirl podcast understand that although we are covering Cass, this episode centers around the Huntress, Helena; however, because the outfit that Cassandra Cain will soon inherit is so iconic, we had to start at its origin, Ground Zero.
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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Episode 4: Assembly

This is the issue where Cassandra Cain is giving the blessing to be Batgirl.  Unfortunately, at Huntress's expense, the Batman has manipulated the situation to his liking, being a Grade A Jerk!

Assembly is a "getting the gang back together again" issue, where the Batman fully understands that getting Gotham out of the ruins of the cataclysm that is now No Man's Land, he must recruit the Bat Family.  This is an issue of moments, which lead us to the panel above these words.  As you can see, Tim Drake, who is the truest student of the Bat, is not just going to let his guard down easily.  As we learn more about this mystery girl who happens to be a mute, we understand that is not just a skilled martial artist, but she also has a compassionate side.  Look at her working with Tim, letting him know that it is OK, she can be trusted.  More importantly, with the co-sign from the Bat, she is also illustrating that she belongs.

Although this is a Cassandra Cain podcast, and this is the issue where she is baptized as the official Batgirl, blessings by Barbara Gordon included, I'm still ticked off as a Helena Bertinelli enthusiast.  There are two approaching to take when reading literature: The Doyle and Watsonian approach, respectively.  Watson, who is actually in the Sherlock Holmes book, is writing about his encounters.  Huntress is in the story.  According to the almighty Batman, she got a mission wrong, and now it is time for her to be demoted.  Even in one of the No Man's Land issues, Barbara Gordon discovered that there was another donning as Batgirl, and she didn't like it, so of course if Babs didn't like it, the audience would root again Helena.  Now from a Doyalist approach, the writer of Sherlock Holmes, he is writing to suit his needs.  For example, the story takes place in London, not L.A. I would assume Sir Arthur Doyle knows more about London than L.A.  In addition, Sherlock Holmes reaches a demise, well that is because the writer was tired of tell Sherlock adventures.  Therefore, from a Doylist or editorial perspective, the creative team used Huntress as a vehicle to fail, just to give Batman a reason to berate Helena and give the mantel to Cass.  Thumbs down.

Cassandra looks good in this iconic suit.  She is officially the Batgirl.  However, in the end, I just don't like how it was done, but it will be interesting to see how things go down when Cass and Helena meet for the first time.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Doctor Who 64 Companion Bracket

Hello everyone!  The Irredeemable Shag of the Fire and Water Podcast, Siskoid of the Hearts and Romance Comics Podcast, Tim Wallace of the Beetlemania! podcast, Cory, and Ashford of the Wright On Network are the custodians of this tournament.  64 Companions of the classic and new Who in a Battle Royal for grand supremacy!  Actually, this is just an excuse for five fanboys to pontificate about Doctor Who.
Emotions ran high!  High is a relative term in this case, but the Emotions were running, leading to the elevation of anger, despair, malice, apprehension, and redemption.
Who will win?  Join us to find out.  Let us know what you think about this tournament.  Whose opinions did you agree with most?  Who got it dead wrong?  Would you like to see us do this again?

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