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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Episode 4: Assembly

This is the issue where Cassandra Cain is giving the blessing to be Batgirl.  Unfortunately, at Huntress's expense, the Batman has manipulated the situation to his liking, being a Grade A Jerk!

Assembly is a "getting the gang back together again" issue, where the Batman fully understands that getting Gotham out of the ruins of the cataclysm that is now No Man's Land, he must recruit the Bat Family.  This is an issue of moments, which lead us to the panel above these words.  As you can see, Tim Drake, who is the truest student of the Bat, is not just going to let his guard down easily.  As we learn more about this mystery girl who happens to be a mute, we understand that is not just a skilled martial artist, but she also has a compassionate side.  Look at her working with Tim, letting him know that it is OK, she can be trusted.  More importantly, with the co-sign from the Bat, she is also illustrating that she belongs.

Although this is a Cassandra Cain podcast, and this is the issue where she is baptized as the official Batgirl, blessings by Barbara Gordon included, I'm still ticked off as a Helena Bertinelli enthusiast.  There are two approaching to take when reading literature: The Doyle and Watsonian approach, respectively.  Watson, who is actually in the Sherlock Holmes book, is writing about his encounters.  Huntress is in the story.  According to the almighty Batman, she got a mission wrong, and now it is time for her to be demoted.  Even in one of the No Man's Land issues, Barbara Gordon discovered that there was another donning as Batgirl, and she didn't like it, so of course if Babs didn't like it, the audience would root again Helena.  Now from a Doyalist approach, the writer of Sherlock Holmes, he is writing to suit his needs.  For example, the story takes place in London, not L.A. I would assume Sir Arthur Doyle knows more about London than L.A.  In addition, Sherlock Holmes reaches a demise, well that is because the writer was tired of tell Sherlock adventures.  Therefore, from a Doylist or editorial perspective, the creative team used Huntress as a vehicle to fail, just to give Batman a reason to berate Helena and give the mantel to Cass.  Thumbs down.

Cassandra looks good in this iconic suit.  She is officially the Batgirl.  However, in the end, I just don't like how it was done, but it will be interesting to see how things go down when Cass and Helena meet for the first time.

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