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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Episode 5: I Cover the Water Front

I Cover the Water Front is the Daughter of Cain's first solo mission as The Batgirl!  The artwork is beautiful, the story is serving, and the mantle is not only upheld, but lifted.  OK, I may have gone a little too far with the lifted comment.  Sorry Bab Lovers.  But indeed, there is some potential here for an interesting character.

The legend begins in this issue.  Yes, many will not be aware, for Gotham is marked a No Man's Land, so all of these heroics will not be captured on the news or social media.  However, among the ranks of the cowardly lot, many will know of the new Batgirl in town.  I pity the fool who underestimates Cass.

 Thrown straight into the pool, Cassandra Cain has no time for proper training.  Batman must trust his new recruit to protect one of the last remaining functional Corner Stores, which is rumored to have fuel.  This fuel is needed to keep a generator going for an infirmary in Gotham.  Resources and the lack thereof is a constant theme in this mega crossover event, No Man's Land. .  If you haven't done so, invest in these trades.  The storytelling still holds up.  

Check out this episode!

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