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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Episode 110: The One with The Baby On the Bus & The Soup Nazi

April5K and A.J. talk babies, Nazis, street toughs, and public display of affection.  Write to us at


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  1. The Soup Nazi: "No soup for you!" That became a pop culture thing, all due to this episode. The writers and cast were firing on all cylinders. I totally agree with you both, this was peak Seinfeld.

    The One with the Baby on the Bus: Yeesh, Chandler and Joey were pretty awful with the ladies and the baby. And speaking as a dad who's lost track of a daughter for even one minute in a public place, it's kinda hard to laugh at this situation. But it's just a TV show. That's all. I also am glad to see Comrade Rachel being a good friend, and Rebel Phoebe singing her protest songs out Central Perk. Yay!