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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Episode 111: The One Where Ross Finds Out and The Secret Code

April and A.J. talk Bosco, passionate kisses, cats, and Fred.  Let us know what you think about these episodes at


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  1. The One where Ross finds out: I wonder if it's such a favorite solely from the Ross/Rachel story. There's the build up, Rachel's drunk closure message, and the two finally share feelings for each other, have a fight, and then kiss and make up/out. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the episode a lot. But it's not the show's funniest by far.

    The Secret Code: It's so wild for me to remember that Seinfeld had a lot of "dark" comedy. It doesn't go overboard like other movies or shows typically part of that genre. But Peterman's mother dies for a laugh, Jerry accidentally burns down a building and "that's a shame", and a guy is trapped by an ATM and George actually has to consider it before revealing his "secret code" or the guy might die. It skirts the line between "farce" and "dark".

    Ok, enough introspection, that episode is hilarious, especially mischievous Elaine ditching George. So great!

    And love the discussion, of course! Thanks, gang!