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Friday, January 15, 2021

Episode 112: The Pool Guy

April & A.J. are talking relationships, pool guys, music making demands, and Worlds Colliding!  Let us know what you think at



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  1. The One With The List: Mockalate. The scenes with Michael McKean were so good. I first saw him way back on Laverne & Shirley, and he's always great.

    The second song played by the radio station, In My Room, where we see "sad Ross", reminded me that I still have my CD of the Friends soundtrack. I haven't listened to that in ages, but loved it.

    The Pool Guy: Definitely an episode where they almost deliberately picked a title of the least memorable part. This was all about "Worlds Colliding" and "Elaine and Susan" and "Movie Phone". Those are the parts I remember before they happen. Pool Guy's story is quite forgettable.

    I really love at the end where security or ushers or whatever are carrying George out, and he's full-on Georging, and Susan just stares at this. You expect that from Jerry and Elaine, but Susan as fiance should be trying to intercede. But nope! The signs are there.

    What I'm seeing here is Kramer invented interactive voice phone services. Amazing.