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Monday, January 25, 2021

Episode 113: The One with Phoebe's Dad and The Sponge

April and A.J. talk about absent fathers, the holidays, radiators, and protesting ribbons.  Are you Sponge Worthy?  Write to us at



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  1. Phoebe's Dad: A couple of things on that episode. Phoebe's Grandma. I never noticed before that she's Mrs Roper! Thank you so much, April! And she was so delightful calling Phoebe "Boo". That's what my daughter calls her new kitten, so now the name "Boo" is doubly adorable.

    Sponge: The reappearance of the "Armoir Toughs" was a big surprise to me, because other characters that return usually get more build-up. But these guys were just there to renew terrorizing Kramer. That floored me!

    Ashford, your train of thought about "Kramer looking so worn out at the end of the race" was pretty great. If you're overthinking, keep it coming!

    Sorry I'm a little behind on podcast listening. Thanks for the great episode, Man-hatters! (I completely forgot about that nickname until you read my other feedback.)