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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Episode 114: The One with Russ and The Gum

April and A.J. talk about dopplegangers, Chinese Gum, and vintage theaters.  Please write to us at

Be on the look out as we do an audio commentary of The Whole 9 Yards with Mathew Perry and an all star cast! 

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1 comment:

  1. Russ: Everyone scene with Russ, especially with both him and Ross, were hilarious! Big props to Schwimmer for handling this self-deprecating role. And I also believe Russ and Julie lived happily ever after. <3

    Joey and getting his big break. This is SO problematic today! Not just the story, but going behind the camera. This Weinsteining is part of *their* industry. Not some other industry, not some other business, it's their own. What is this saying? They know this happens but *wink wink* it's part of the business *wink wink*, so it's ok to play it for laughs? Yikes!

    Also, I haven't rewatched Season 1 yet to catch up, but does Joey have a side gig to supplement his acting? Not waitstaff from calling Rachel "just a waitress"? And he has a "boss" whose "wife he's trying to sleep with" from the Phoebe's Dad episode, not a "director" or "producer", a "boss"? (That's too many quotation marks.) Help me, Manhatters!

    Gum: "Just 3 guys having a chew." LOL!

    Considering how many episodes end with George yelling at someone, maybe that mental breakdown is on the way. Nah, he actually deals with the insanity around him pretty well, just letting it out. Let it all out, George!

    Thanks for another great podcast, Manhatters! (Womanhatters? Personhatters?)