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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Episode 115: The One with the Lesbian Wedding & The Rye

Oh does the Manhattan Project have a doozy for you.  First we start of with the episode of Friends where Joey starts acting on a Soap Opera, and Monica's fascist side really comes out...and over on the Otherside of Manhattan, we have Jazz, Rye, and purchases in Bulk.  

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1 comment:

  1. Lesbian wedding: Phoebe is so great in this, possessed by Rose. "I'm sorry, all I hear is laughing."

    Now Ross does need to get over it with Carol, but it doesn't help him "move on" when she keeps being a part of his life. Sharing custody of Ben is one thing that will never end, and then stuff like this comes up and he gets pulled into her and Susan's life. He needs some physical or emotional "space". Ok, that was much deeper than I like to get, so moving on!

    The Rye: Hilarious episode! I don't get how Kramer affords his rent in New York, going from one gig/scheme to the next. The math just doesn't add up. But you know, "it's Kramer" is probably the answer.

    I played the saxophone when I was in Junior High, and I always heard how important embouchure is. (Pronounced om-buh-sure.) Since it was a long time ago, I can't speak to how this relates to Elaine's jazz boyfriend directly, but it's possible "going downtown" could compromise that. Plus, it's really fun to say "embouchure." How did the Seinfeld writers miss that? "Embouchure!"

    Great show, Manhatters!