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Friday, May 14, 2021

Episode 124: The One Where Eddie Won't Go

Should he go or should he go?  April and A.J. talk Ross and Joey time, the pseudo radicalization of Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, and Eddie finally taking the hint.  

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  1. You know that clip used in later seasons in the intro of the drill coming thru a wall next to Chandler's head? I don't think I've ever seen that episode. But! I keep expecting that to be an Eddie thing. And it isn't, but my brain still hasn't accepted that. So at least Eddie never tried to drill a hole into Chandler's brain. Because *that* would have been weird. ;)

    I don't think I have anything to say about this episode per se. You both covered it all. Fun but not great. But I will second, the guys' victory hug at the end? Adorable.

    Till next time, Manhatters!