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Friday, June 25, 2021

Episode 129: The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding & The Invitations


April and AJ talk weddings, engagements, deaths, and so much more.  What do you remember about these season finales?  Let us know by e-mailing us at or


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  1. I couldn't miss commenting on the season finales! So good! Course I'm not sure what I can say that you both haven't already. Let's see.

    Friends: Joey trying to kiss the guys. I can see this story being equally funny if Joey was wanting practice with one of the girls. If Phoebe hadn't been a good sport, it totally could've been a similar plotline with Monica and Rachel and just as funny.

    Ok, I missed it. Why was Monica invited to the wedding? She notably was *not* invited to Barry and Rachel's wedding. So why this one? I should know, but feel too lazy to rewatch. ;)

    Chandler's interneting. In 1996, I was using Netscape and started getting into UseNet, and he's really believable as the first of the group to explore the internet, although Ross is also a natural pick. Then in Central Perk, Janice had to be thinking "could it be Chandler" before she walked thru the door, and when they both realize it, her reaction is a wonderful combination of shock, disbelief, joy and relief because she didn't dare hope it was. Wow.

    Seinfeld: Jason Alexander was on FIRE! Trying to smoke. The pre-nup scene. His reaction in the hospital. Calling Marisa Tomei. All hilarious! And Heidi Swedberg has been such a fantastic foil for George, I really missed her after this.

    Janeane Garofalo was always so funny, I loved seeing her here, and talk about another great foil! I remember gushing with my office friends back in the day "did you see them reading Superman and Supergirl comics together?!" She's so great and just perfect casting for Jerry's fiance-or-is-she!

    Thanks for another great episode, Manhatters!

  2. Oops! I forgot something! Rachel at the wedding. One word: CLOSURE!