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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Episode 131: The One Where No One's Ready & The Soulmate


April & Ashford discuss waiting for Friends, smitten by kindness, procreating and so much more.  Write to us at or on Twitter @the4WhoRule

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1 comment:

  1. The One Where No One's Ready: a stealth classic. It's easy to forget how great it is until you think about it and then "Oh yeah! That one!" Amazingly memorable bits like "go commando", "opposite is opposite", "I'm taking the essence". Joey was on fire!

    I also really liked when Phoebe and Chandler took the phone out of Monica's bedroom, we hear Mon scream, and Phoebe walks out with the phone, and half-whispers "She's just getting dressed." So good!

    I promise I won't Tim-splain every time, but in the Friends reunion, it was Matt LeBlanc himself who wore the "all Chandler's clothes" outfit. Yes, that was the best part, because he slipped away without the gang noticing to be part of the fashion show, doing pretty good lunges I must say.

    The Soulmate: That portrait of Susan. Good heavens, her presence is palpable in those scenes. Palpable I say!

    You nailed it, April. George was peak George-ing in this episode.

    Oh Roxanne! Love that movie! Just had to say that.

    "Was Larry Dallas from Bloom County?" Oh, so close. You're thinking about STEVE Dallas. Dang it, Tim-splaining again.

    Great episode, Manhatters!