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Monday, November 8, 2021

Episode 136: The One w/ the Race Bed and The Checks


On this episode of the Manhattan Project, April and A.J. talk creeping around, being transfixed by songs, misleading tourists, rainbow umbrellas, meeting the parents, royalty checks and so much more.  Please write to us at

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1 comment:

  1. If I think about how to summarize Rachel's dad and his behavior toward Ross, I'd say "alpha male". He always has to be right, never can admit to a mistake, and can do no wrong. His tips are the "right amount" to tip. Anything which implies otherwise must be shot down with humor or dominance. Not that he can't be likeable, because again, in his mind, no one's more likeable than me. "Look how charming I am when I say par-tee." And Ross doesn't stand a chance with Dr G because he's too hang-dog, although we see alpha-wannabe tendencies from Ross plenty, thus the tension.

    Phoebe thinking "Who's singing?" is the BEST!

    So, Desperado and Witchy Woman got you talking about who listens to the Eagles. I'll just say, you both have my wife pegged. Here's the concerts she's chosen the last 10 years: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Barry Gibb, and James Taylor.

    George and the carpet-cleaning cult: I agree that he doesn't want to join, but he wants the cult to want him. But the leader knows "this guy will ruin our recruiting. No thanks."

    Both of these episodes are hilarious! Loved the discussion, Manhatters!