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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Episode 145: The One the Morning After Part 2 & The Pothole

Again, break ups are easy to do when you're Ross.  Yep, Ross, with the aide of his #Friends, Joey and Chandler, covers his tracks by going face to face with anyone who may know what he did the night before, avoiding this information getting back to Comrade Rachel.  On Seinfeld, the Pothole, absoulte masterpiece in production and comedy.  

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1 comment:

  1. Hmm, was I rooting for Ross and Rachel as a couple? I honestly don't remember. I'm more of a passive TV watcher, just enjoying the spectacle, not really getting vested in the situation. That said, the raw emotion of this episode pulls me in every time, showing the talent of Aniston and Schwimmer. Wow.

    But here's the thing about Ross. Rachel first kissed him after their big fight and he was looking all sad thru the Central Perk glass door. Then they became a couple after watching the prom video and he was all embarrassed. We also see in "The One With The Flashback" that he's miserable after learning Carol is a lesbian, and Phoebe comforts him and they start to "play some pool". And in the previous episode, again miserable Ross is comforted by Copy Shop Girl, and it goes straight to hanky-panky.

    THIS IS ROSS'S MOVE! That hang dog face when he's sad just pulls the ladies in, and he somehow never learned "maybe this isn't the time for smooches!" ROSS! Honestly, I feel sorry for him, that being unhappy is what he associates with sex. And oh my god, I'm falling for his trick too! NO! BAD ROSS!

    Oh, the pothole. While the final moments with George hitting a water line are hilarious, I really don't think releasing water pressure in the street would *also* cause a backwash into someone's toilet. But you're right, this is Looney Toons, so just laugh with it. And of course, "Let's take a look at this tool shed of yours."

    Wonderful show, Manhatters!