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Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Manhattan Project 161: The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line & The Slicer


The Manhattan Project is back to talk the love triangle happening with Chandler, Joey and Kathy.  Also, we would like to know your thoughts about The Sound.  Over on Seinfeld April & A.J. discuss the entangled plot lines happening amongst the 4 Who Rule.

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1 comment:

  1. The SOUND! I don't see the big deal, clearly Ross was channeling the existential ennui of mankind struggling with changing from personal contact into a society disconnected by technology's overreach and never mind I can't keep going. It's Ross having fun with all the presets on his keyboard. Like, ALL the presets! But honestly, I actually dig it as a performance! Not as something to listen to on its own. But watching David Schwimmer play this sound and being hilarious doing so? Outstanding!

    Then there's Kathy. I love Kathy. Heavens, this character is delightful, the actress is adorable, and her relationships with the Friends is amazing to see. So seriously, I love having her around so much, I binged much further forward into the season at once just to get more of her in one sitting. You're almost caught up to where I left off. Very sooooooooon!

    I wish I had something to offer on the Seinfeld episode, because it's a great one! But I get stuck on a personal hangup which would be a downer. So I'll just agree that shaving off a mole with a slicer, not the best idea!

    Thanks for another great show, Manhatters!