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Friday, August 5, 2022

The Manhattan Project 162: The One w/ Chandler in a Box/The Betrayal



The Manhattan Project are back to talk a Friendsgiving episode where Monica takes part in a half-baked greek tragedy, a sarcophagus aiding friendship maker, and The Betrayal...enough said.  

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1 comment:

  1. These 2 episodes are highly memorable for me. Chandler in a box! How great is Matthew Perry that he can be so funny completely out of sight, and in a box! But the emotional weight of the situation was palpable, and you could likewise hear desperation when he talked with Joey, he really wanted to make amends. I just love these two goofy guys.

    Then we have Monica being delightful in an eye patch, and dating a guy named Tim, so, you know, that's pretty great. And her smackdown on the rest of the gang was amazing, because it just flowed so effortlessly.

    Then there's The Betrayal. I'd never heard of the play, so I didn't know why this episode was structured this way, but it was fantastic and did indeed blow my mind a bit when it aired. Now, since I'm so bad keeping up with pop culture, when I eventually saw the movie Memento long after it was released, I wondered if this episode was a riff on that movie, and never went to look up the dates for both. But yeah, Memento came out in 2000, well after this episode. So now I know!

    I can totally see it working to watch this episode forwards instead of backwards. In fact, some of the pieces would make more sense that way, while some are definitely better/funnier backwards, like Jerry finding the cereal and milk in the drawer, and immediately cut back to past Kramer causing the mess.

    It was fascinating and lives rent-free in my mind. Love it. Oh shoot, I should have written my feedback backwards! Or not, sounds like work. Sometimes your inner George is the right choice.

    See you next time, Manhatters.