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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Manhattan Project 168: The One with Joey's Dirty Day & The Strongbox








The Manhattan Project talks about crushes not working out, but suprised love interests warming up.  Joey gets a big break, working along Charlton Heston in a movie...but he stinks!  Chandler is still in the dumps because he lost someone who he thought was truly the One.  Jerry wants to impress Jerry Lewis with a set of cuff links, worn by the Nutty Professor himself, but hijnks ensues...Kramer and a Bird - just saying.  Elaine finds a cool dude to date who is impoverished and George is in quite a dilemma with a woman who will not take no for an answer.  

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  1. Very late note on this Friends episode. Chandler reassures Joey "there's a whole city of women waiting to screw me over." Put a pin in that. All I can say that's not spoilery. Heh-heh.