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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Manhattan Project 173: The One w/ All the Haste & The Bookstore


The Manhattan Project talk about Knicks tickets, apartment swaps, book theifs, the homeless, engagments, saving one's reputation and so much more.

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  1. My memory is playing tricks on me, because I thought the switched apartments might last a little into the next season. It's just weird, but probably because it's taking this watch thru to remind me how this season ends, and so of course, the return to normal apartment status had to happen. But still, 6 episodes seems a little short. Ah well.

    Now since I'm a jedi, griffindor, white hat kind of guy, I'm completely on Chandler's side here. They won the apartment fair and square, and Rachel saying "We took *our* apartment back!" OH! THE ENTITLEMENT! OH COMRADE RACHEL NO!

    But back when I was on the podcast when the switch happened, I made the comment "If Phoebe had made the test, it would have been more esoteric." And I swear to dog, I did not remember her game in this episode when I said that! Either my subconscious remembered, or I just know these characters that well. LOL!

    If I may talk production for a minute, it is funny to consider how the girls switched the furniture between the apartments. But, to make the show, the stage hands had to actually swap the furniture around the sets! Was the episode filmed at one time, and the audience had to kinda wait for the swap to finish? Or did one audience see the first half of the show, swap the set furniture, and then a second audience saw the second half? If it was a single filming, that's a lot of work to swap quickly because there's a bunch of furniture, decorations on the walls, doodads on the shelves, etc. Hats off to the crew for all that.

    Those are the main things I wanted to write in about. Sure, Ross and Emily, big deal and all that, and hey they actually ackowledged Emily's uncle who was the whole reason they ended up together and hadn't been mentioned since.

    I wish I had other things to say about The Bookstore, but you both must have covered anything I would contribute and more. Both great episodes!

    Thanks so much, Man-hatters, I mean, Hou-stoners! (Hmm, needs work.)