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Friday, December 30, 2022

The Manhattan Project 178: The One with Ross's Wedding 1 & 2


The Manhattan Project are talking about the season finale of Friends, where yes, Ross has a wedding....not quite a drunken punch up at a wedding, but just as messy, where there is a name slip up of sorts.  Chandler is at his wit's end with Joey's enthusiastic tourist routine, and let us just say Monica helps Chandler...clear his mind as it were.  

Did you watch this when it first aired?  EIther way, what are your favorite memories of the episode?  Did you enjoy the cameos and stunt casting?

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1 comment:

  1. I listened to the episode a while ago, and I just don't remember if I posted a comment or not! So if I haven't, here ya go. And if I have, hooray senility!

    The stunt casting and cameos were fun, but I loved Jennifer Saunders appearing! I watched Ab Fab a bunch on Comedy Central back in the day, and she was just as hilarious here. Just wonderful.

    So there's the 2 big moments: "Take thee Rachel" and Chandler-Monica. They both were complete surprises on the first watch, and hit in the feels very differently. On reflection, I prefer the "Chonica" (sorry I couldn't resist) reveal, because it feels like a positive development for both of them. They're moving towards something that could be good if not great for them. Ross's faux pas is yet another failure to weigh him down, and likewise for Rachel, because she's not emotionally mature enough to move on. So that development is a move backwards, and while good for prolonging the drama expected in a TV series, it's not healthy. So there, I've overthought it.

    Such entertaining discussion, Manhatters! Can't wait for a certain show's finally! I mean finale!