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Straight Outta Gallifrey

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Episode 38 is here!  Straight Outta Gallifrey is bringing you another one,  Planet of the Spiders, the send off to Jon Pertwee's Doctor.  Transformation, huge spiders, regeneration, and the lovely Elisabeth Sladen...all in one episode.  Siskoid of the  joins Ashford as they talk Time Lords and Eastern Philosophy.
Also, Ashford speaks on Gallifrey: Intervention Earth, stories 2 and 3.  If you haven't done so already, got get the audio on
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Hello everyone!  The Irredeemable Shag of the Fire and Water Podcast, Siskoid of the Hearts and Romance Comics Podcast, Tim Wallace of the Beetlemania! podcast, Cory, and Ashford of the Wright On Network are the custodians of this tournament.  64 Companions of the classic and new Who in a Battle Royal for grand supremacy!  Actually, this is just an excuse for five fanboys to pontificate about Doctor Who.
Emotions ran high!  High is a relative term in this case, but the Emotions were running, leading to the elevation of anger, despair, malice, apprehension, and redemption.
Who will win?  Join us to find out.  Let us know what you think about this tournament.  Whose opinions did you agree with most?  Who got it dead wrong?  Would you like to see us do this again?

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The Time Lords have coerced, no, that is too strong a word.  I don't believe the Doctor was forced to play delivery boy for his race of people on Gallifrey.  The Mutants by Dave Martin and Bob Baker is a Doctor Who story where strong themes of colonialism, which racism, class-ism, and all the other ism's rears its ugly head to say, "Hello."
The Marshall, who is hell bent on terraforming Earth colony planet Solos, is a character that comes off as quite despicable, but is this a man that is just trying to preserve and extend the life of the human race?

Straight Outta Gallifrey is back in full effect.  In this episode we discuss The Mutants by Bob Baker and Dave Martin.  Colonialism, Metamorphosis, and The Doctor and Jo Grant in this rare (for the 3rd Doctor) off world saga.
In segment two Ashford speaks on the Big Finish audio play Gallifrey: Intervention Earth part 1.
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