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The Four Who Rule: A Seinfeld Podcast
The Ex-Girlfriend is and Episode where Jerry and George are entrenched and mesmerized by a Southern Siren leading their friendship to a shipwreck death?  Well, not quite.  George and Jerry really dig the Southern Bell, but not enough to ruin their friendship.

The Four Who Rule talk about the horrors of cats, dating, and the validity of Superman having super human strength.  Well, actually the super humor topic is discussed on the show.  The show is starting to hone its voice.
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The how to break up when dealing with a platonic relationship.  Jerry is giving signals to a grown man that he really isn't interested in coming outside and play, yet the friend is not picking up the signals.  Here we go!

A story where a robbery leads to Elaine and Jerry upgrading their living situations.

Is it effort, or is it stalking?  Jerry...stakes out a woman at her job, waiting to bump into her to continue a conversation the two had at a wedding.

The first episode, the Seinfeld Chronicles, or the Pilot, back in 1989, hits the airwaves with not quite a bang, but enough to give certain execs at NBC to champion the show, leading it to survive the summer of '89 time slot.  Jerry is trying to figure out the enigma wrapped into a riddle, which are the signals of a woman.

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