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Blake's 7 is something that I have just recently discovered via other podcast.  Namely Doctor Who podcast that I frequent, which makes sense, for the programs, Doctor Who and Blake's 7, have a kinship.  Both franchise have a key ingredient, connection if you will...Terry Nation.  Yes, Nation, creator of the Daleks, blessed us with a lovely band of misfits, rebels, outcasts...a motley crew of sorts.

Because I'm open to 70s British television like Doctor Who and Faulty Towers, just to name a few, I was more than ready for the style and pace of the show.  And this first episode, the Pilot, has a pace that I think is appropriate, but I feel many would say was, and forgive me for saying so, slow. 

I find The Way Back, awesome title, to be quite fascinating, dark, and hopeless.  There is a scene where not a committee, but three, I'm going to say government workers, decided Blake's fate like deciding the fabric of the drapes in the Governor's Mansion.  It was such a diabolical scheme.  The actors were quite nonchalant

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